1. The committee boat should take up its customary station south (inland) of the start mark “P” (pin) at least ½ hour before the start.
  2. Set up a starting line approximately 100 yards long.
  3. Set up the start line square (at right angles) to the wind.
  4. The Start/Finish line is between the mast of the R/C boat and the pin. For shortened courses, the Finish line is between the S flag and the pin.


Course Direction:

The first leg of the course should be as directly into the wind as possible.

Course Length:

The number of legs to be run depends on the wind speed. We want to finish all boats in about 1.5 hours. General recommendations for main & jib courses:

Winds above 10 knots – 5 leg or 4 leg course

Winds 5 to 10 knots – 3 leg course (S course)

Winds below 5 knots – 2 leg course (L course)

The Race Committee must display the appropriate course designation letters, prior to the Warning signal, on the committee boat on the side facing the pin using the signboards provided in the R/C equipment bag.

NOTE: A course designation letter may mean different courses for the spinnaker fleet and the main & jib fleets!


Nominal Time Example Time Signal Flag and Sound Minutes before start
ST-5 min. 6:55pm WARNING WHITE flag raised,1 sound 5
ST-4 min. 6:56pm PREPARATORY BLUE flag raised,1 sound 4
ST-1 min. 6:59pm One minute BLUE flag removed,1 long sound 1
ST 7:00pm M&J FLEET START WHITE flag removed,1 sound 0
ST+1 min. 7:01pm WARNING RED flag raised,1 sound 5
ST+2 min. 7:02pm PREPARATORY BLUE flag raised,1 sound 4
ST+5 min. 7:05pm One minute BLUE flag removed,1 long sound 1
ST+6 min. 7:06pm SPINNAKER FLEET START RED flag removed,1 sound 0



Postpone a race if there are any problems for which you need time before starting a race (e.g. a mistake in the starting sequence, anchor problems, fog, etc.). You may postpone a race at any time before the start signal is made.

LIGHT WIND POSTPONEMENTS: postpone a minimum of 20 minutes after the last start (7:26 pm) before abandoning a race due to light winds.

Abandon a race if there are problems that cannot be fixed (e.g. heavy weather). You may abandon a race at any time. An abandoned race cannot be restarted.

Postponement Signal: Two sound signals and AP flag (red and white vertical stripes) held aloft. When a race has been postponed, a new starting sequence (beginning with the Warning Signal) commences one minute after the AP flag is lowered. One sound signal must be made when lowering the AP flag.

Abandonment signals: Three sound signals and N flag (blue and white checkerboard) held aloft. If possible, notify the fleet via VHF channel 68.


Individual Recall:

If any portion of a boat or a small number of boats is across the starting line at the starting signal, signal an individual recall by displaying the X flag (blue cross on a white field) together with one sound signal. Display the X flag until all premature starters are back on the pre-start side of the line or its extensions or for a maximum of 4 minutes. The boat(s) should be notified by voice, hailing its sail number and/or boat name so that it may restart.

General Recall:

When there are a large number of early starters, or when there has been an error in the starting procedure, signal a general recall by two sound signals with the First Substitute flag (yellow triangle on blue field) held aloft. A new starting sequence for the recalled class, beginning with the Warning Signal, will occur one minute after the lowering the First Substitute flag (with one sound upon lowering). Note that if the Main & Jib Class is recalled, then the new starting sequence begins with the Main & Jib Class; Spinnaker boats will start six (6) minutes later according to the example starting sequence shown above.


Time Limits:

The first boat in each class must round the first mark within one hour and finish within two hours or the race is abandoned for that class.

The last boat in the fleet has 1 hour after the first boat finishes to complete the race.

Shortening the course:

If the wind becomes too light for a 5-leg or 4-leg course, the Race Committee may shorten the course to 3 or 2 legs, respectively, for any or all classes. A shortened course is signaled with the S flag (blue square on a white field) together with two sounds as the first boat (at a minimum) in each fleet approaches the new (shortened) finish. If possible, announce the shortened course on VHF channel 68.


 For all courses, a boat must finish by crossing the finish line in the direction from the last mark rounded. A “hook” finish is not allowed.

 A boat has finished when any part of the boat or its equipment in its normal position crosses the finish line in the correct direction. A boat’s finish is signaled by a horn blast.

 Record the finishing time on the score sheet to the nearest second.

 Any notification of intent to protest by a boat should be recorded for the protest committee and the presence of a required red protest flag should be noted.

 The R/C should stay on station until the last boat has finished if possible.


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