Race results are posted, need rc for June 24 if anyone is interested.  Remember race results are provisional and subject to change.  Not all boats are properly registered at this point.




Welcome back, summer and racing is upon us.  Race schedule is posted.  We have permanent R/C  please welcome them.  Kevin Dunn and our own Judy Kocher.

If anyone knows someone who would like to assist Kevin and Judy we can always have a few others learning and helping out.

Sailing instructions are the same, no changes,  be aware of the the new RRS 2021.  New RRS book is out.    At least check out the changes they can be found online.

3 series of 5 races each are scheduled with 1 drop per series.

the Skipper is responsible for their boat and the actions on it.  Race at your own risk.

PHRF certificates have been renewed for those that have registered and paid.  if you have any questions, please ask.