Welcome back and finally summer is getting closer.  Race schedule is now posted along with most current SI’s.  Make sure to print them off and have a copy on your boat.  Starting sequence and courses are there also.

Please keep in mind Covid-19 protocols, maintain safe social distancing, wear masks, wash your hands.  Recommendations are to only have crew that live in the same household at this time.  A lot of other racing groups have gone to singlehanded and doublehanded racing and are holding off on spinnaker racing at this time due to the additional crew needed for spinnaker handling.

As at the Skipper’s meeting,  the Skipper is responsible for their boat and the actions on it.  Race at your own risk.  Handle Covid precautions appropriately.  We do not want to put others at risk unneccessarily.

PHRF certificates have been renewed for those that have registered and paid.  There have been changes made to ratings, if you have any questions, please ask.

Before any changes can be made to PHRF certificates, ALL mainsails must be re-measured.  Please contact Charlie Palame to arrange to get your sail re-measured.

R/C schedule is now posted,  if you haven’t signed up yet please do so.

If anyone has any friends that might like to learn how to do R/C please let us know.


WHYRA Registration form 2020